Mix-It Yourself Blanket Safe Horse Blanket Washes




Blanket Safe Horse Blanket Washes

8oz Mix-It Yourself Blanket Safe makes 32oz Ready to Use Wash


Concentrated Blanket Safe is high end, high quality soaps, designed for horse blankets and pet wear. Therefore, Blanket Safe can be used on practically anything washable, as it is more gentle than domestic detergents. Made with the help of a veterinarian, we have designed a special wash that contains no harsh chemicals or harsh irritating scents.

So, in your order, you will receive a 8oz bottle of highly concentrated Blanket Safe wash, and an empty 32oz Blanket Safe bottle. Simply pour the 8oz concentrate into the 32oz empty bottle, and fill with cool water. Not looking to mix it yourself? Look Here

A small amount of concentrated wash may also be used for spot cleaning.

Why people are loving Blanket Safe washes? Our washes do not degrade fabrics, ruin waterproofing of horse wear, pet wear, or outerwear, and leave items residue free. Because of this, our washes are “practically” hypoallergenic when dry. *We say “practically” since horse’s are always trying to prove us wrong, so we would rather under promise and over deliver!

How to Wash horse Blankets. How to use Blanket Safe. Before and After Results. Horse Blankets

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