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Blanket Safe products are completely 100% USA Sourced, Bottled and Shipped! Our products are all antibacterial, cold water washes, that are detergent free laundry soaps, low sudsing, residue free, have built in deodorizers, and made from EPA approved raw materials. Replace your house hold laundry detergents with this horse blanket and horse wear laundry soap, that is safe and effective! *ALL of our soaps are Sensitive! And safe for animals and children once dry! Please note, customers have 72 hours after delivery of order to contact us regarding any damage to contents of order. Please email us pictures of damage and we can ship you replacements.  So let’s carry on with some of the frequently asked Blanket Safe product questions!

Blanket Safe and Cavali Club protect their horses

You May be Asking WHY?!

So, let me explain. Did you know that MOST all washes or detergents work best when used with warm or hot water? Well, not this one. It works best when used in COLD water! It is also detergent free, which is important for any outdoor wear, including horse blankets!  That factory applied waterproofing can be ruined in several different ways: 1. Heat, 2. Detergents/Chemicals, 3. Wear and Tear. And while we recommend that you waterproof your blanket annually after the first two seasons of use, our WASHES WILL NOT RUIN or DETERIORATE the factory applied waterproofing!

But why is anti-bacterial, anti-viral or anti-static properties included? Lets discuss the odors! The majority of odors a horse blanket, your outerwear or pet wear has is due to mold, mildew, bacterial build up, sweat, or other “pet bi-products”.  The Anti-Bacterial properties also help protect from cross-contamination, and lowers the risk of transmission from horse to horse, or even barn to barn! This wash, gently cleans your blanket, not only the dirt, but the bacteria and grime that causes this gross odor!

Why Detergent Free Is Important

Detergents not only can potentially ruin your factory applied waterproofing, but it also leaves chemical residues. This residue inhibits the water-repellent products to adhere effectively, and also increases the risk your horse may have an allergic skin reaction. Many of these chemicals are irritants, and just like people, some horses and animals can be very sensitive to these chemicals, especially when they are sweating and their pores open, allowing these chemicals into the top layers of the skin. 

To add to the no harmful chemicals, this wash is also low sudsing and residue free. Even though there are no harmful chemicals which keep the washes safe for sensitive horses (but we always look out for those horses that try all the ways they can to cause a problem) having this product residue free lowers the risk even further from any chance of a skin issue. Because of it’s low sudsing, you can also wash in your HE machines. Blanket Safe washes are a laundry soap, that replaces your house hold laundry detergents when washing your horse wear.

Why Cold Water Washing Important

Warm/Hot water can damage, destroy and melt off the factory applied waterproofing and most all horse wear states specifically to wash in cold water because of this. But what makes this wash very special is that because most detergents and washes work best when using warm/hot water, this product actually excels when used in COLD water! So achieve the same great results without damaging your waterproofing, but with cold water!

Why Antibacterial Properties are Important

Did you know that most odors in pet wear, horse wear and outer wear, are caused by mold, mildew and bacteria? Blanket Safe does, so we have made Blanket Safe antibacterial. This helps to remove the majority of odors from where they start, at the microscopic level! Blanket Safe also has built in deodorizers, you no longer need to use other types of deodorizers or products! Blanket Safe is NOT highly scented, we work hard to help you REMOVE odors, not mask them. PLUS we understand that an animal’s sense of smell is much better than a human, so we are careful NOT to add strong scents to our washes. Any remaining scent after wash, will fade, and you should be left with a very clean and fresh smelling blanket!

Of course we also have an anti-viral wash, but this is more for washing clean the communal blankets, horse wear, or for animal hospitals. *The ULTRA wash also helps to remove hair out in the wash, and make any remaining hairs easy to remove with it’s anti-static properties. All Washes are Anti-Bacterial.

Blanket Safe Horse Blanket Soaps in the Barn with Horses

Why do we Sell Water-Repelling Treatments if Blanket Safe is Safe for Waterproofing?

Long story short, using detergents or adding heat to your blanket when washing will help you quickly destroy your horse blankets and horse wear, and while our products are very safe for factory applied waterproofing, it does not stop the environmental factors that also help degrade your blankets. Urine, Manure, Rolling, Types of Mud/Dirt, Use, and Care, among many other factors can also ruin your waterproofing over time.

We have contacted several horse blanket manufacturers and on average they suggest that after the second season of wear, a horse owner/professional should apply a water-repellent treatment yearly to help maintain your waterproofing. Our waterproofing is recommended to be sprayed onto wet blankets, is odor free and EASY to use. Let dry naturally, cure time is between 12-24 hours. The water-repellent treatment we provide wrap around the individual fibers of the horse blanket, and not coat the blanket in a thick substance that blocks breath-ability. *We do have a Solvent Bases Waterproofing for severe cases, for professional use when blanket waterproofing has been destroyed. *NONE of our products contain wax or silicone!

What is the Fleece & Wool Wash?

Blanket Safe Fleece & Wool soaps are designed to be delicate for washing natural fibers. They help to restore the moisture-wicking abilities and help keep these materials clean, without destroying the natural oils of the fibers. While fleece materials can be washed in our regular washes, the Fleece & Wool wash helps to keep the fibers fluffy too. We DO NOT recommend washing wool in our regular washes. While there should be no problems at all, we highly suggest being safe with your delicate products and using our specialty wash for best results. TIP: NEVER let your wool product spin out in the washing machine. After the final rinse cycle, remove your horse wear from the machine and let it drip dry. The fibers should return to their original state. You may need to fluff it, however by not letting the machine spin, it will prevent matting of the fibers.  As always *NEVER* dry in a machine, hang to dry….ALWAYS!

Pet Bed Washes and Spray Deodorizers

Our Pet Bed Washes and Sprays work to eliminate the odors with enzymes, as they destroy the salt crystals left behind by urine! All of our water-based products are non-toxic to children and pets, and hypoallergenic when dry. They are residue free, which lowers the risk of any ultra skin sensitive horses or pets, and leave no strong, harsh odors!

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