Pre-Made Surcingle Straps


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Pre-Made Surcingle Straps/Belly Straps

For those Horse Blanket Services that are looking for pre-made or pre-cut surcingle straps ready to put on blankets!

In addition, straps without hardware are approximately 50 inches long. Whether you want the straps cut to assemble your self, or you want surcingles straps pre-made, we heat seal all ends. Extra material is left at the end to be folded over and sewn. As a result, you should be left with a strap that can fully extend to 47″-48″. The female side is always included, just in case!

Another idea, maybe you need to purchase the extra webbing for the female side.  Or, maybe you want to make your own surcingle, here are links! 2 inch Black Webbing, 2 inch Surcingle Set.

**Shipping may vary from same day-7 days depending on stock, which is always fluctuating, we do ship out ASAP and understand that you need them right away! So please let us know right away if you are running low on anything!**

*The “Cut Only” colors comes with ONLY the Male side of webbing and all 3 pieces of hardware, they will not be assembled.

*The “Pre-Made” colors comes with ONLY the Male side of the webbing which will be assembled. The Female hardware will come included, but without webbing.

*The “Add Female Webbing” includes both the Male and the Female webbing, they WILL come assembled.

Don’t forget, if you are looking for custom with 2 inch trigger snaps or Special Request? Contact Me

Need Ideas? Laura’s Blanket Repair “the most amazing transformation” section

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