Pet Bed Wash and Pet Bed Deodorizers




Pet Bed Wash and Deodorizers + Set

Can be Purchased Individually or as a Set (Includes a 32oz Bottle of both the Wash and Deodorizer Spray.)


Since they work best together, why no sell them together!? The Pet Bed Wash and Deodorizers are the perfect combination for any Pet owner! Dogs or cats, you need this!

These two products work exceptionally well together! They are enzyme activated, lightly scented, and work by removing dried urine salts that cause urine odors to linger. Now, since I have nothing to hide, I will let you know that sometimes this product can make urine odors stronger, as it lifts the odor causing particles to the surface as they are destroyed. BUT have no fear, the odors fade quickly…and you may not even notice a difference!

In our household we use it for everything! Enzyme activated and anti-bacterial it is the perfect bathroom cleaner! Gentle for fabrics, but tough on odors, and works on tile too!

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