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Thank you for checking out this page, we appreciate your Interest to help!!

At Blanket Safe we offer both Products and Services, and as of right now our Service side of our business has shut down to help make Medical Masks for those health care workers in need during Covid-19.

These masks are not in substitution for the N95 Masks, however with lack of enough masks, the CDC has started recommending health care workers use bandanas or even scarves to help prevent/slow the spread. I am a Registered Nurse by trade, and I went through 4 years of schooling with some amazing men and women. I worked with these individuals, I am friends with these same people. So it means a lot to be able to help. HOWEVER, these cost money. We are making masks in various styles, with 3 Layers of 100% cotton, Some have the option for metal nose pieces to adjust fit, some have elastic while others tie, and even some with the option of a removable and changeable hepa/cpap filter.

A lot of the supplies we have are for horse blankets (which cannot be used for masks), YET before I started repairing horse blankets I was making Baby Blankets. So I do have a moderate supply of 100% cotton fabric. However, because of the sudden demand…I do not have enough of everything. From Elastic, to metal for nose pieces, to fabric and even the filters that we are adding to our masks…it costs money. But we are shipping these free around the US to the men and women who are requesting them.

I would never charge the men and women working hard, risking their health, or the health of their family members; to have to pay for such a necessity. So, I am asking for donations to help with the cost of all the supplies and shipping.  (Any donations not used, will be donated to Frangible Pin Funding at the end of this virus). While I would love to be able to fund this whole thing by myself, I am just unable to. Tack stores have had to close, and so their payments are not coming in, Orders however are still coming in for products to stock up on (and that costs us money to order ingredients), yet NO one is paying because very few are buying from retailers right now (other than for groceries). So I would love your help….the demand is HIGH. We just had a business ask for 50 masks ASAP, as well as several individuals throughout the US.

Masks for Healthcare workers by Blanket SafFace Masks for Health Care workers during Covid-19

I do not often ask for assistance, but please, if you are looking for a way to help. Please feel free to donate! I thank you all so much for your patronage, and I wish you all a very safe and healthy Spring.

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