Hook and Loop Cleaner Set


Customers love the little extra touches a horse blanket service and laundry provides, take that extra step with ease and clean out their horse blanket Velcro. But WAIT, this is not just for professionals, this set is perfect for ALL equestrians that have Velcro in their barn! From Blankets to Saddle pads, use it where you need!!

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Hook and Loop Cleaner Set

Is your hook and loop clogged, and not working effectively? Try Cleaning!

As a horse owner myself, I understand that hook side of the velcro on a horse blanket may become clogged, with grass, hair, fuzz, dirt, and regular velcro brushes just do not work or hold up to this heavy duty hook, nor the dirt that gets built up! This Hook and Loop Cleaner Set is an essential to clean Horse Blanket Velcro!

Our hook and loop cleaners are small and compact, and sold as a set. Each brush has benefits of their own, but in combination, they will leave hook clean, and in most cases…working again!

These cleaners are perfect for horse laundry professionals, and ALL all equestrians. If you own a horse blanket with hook and loop, this cleaner is an essential! But, if you rather have your velcro clogged up with hair and not functioning….that is up to you!


Hook: the rough side that often gets filled with grass, hair, fuzz

Loop: the soft side. We recommend a lint roller to clean.

Hook & Loop: is the soft and hard side, brand name- Velcro.


Blue Hook Cleaner, Works with velcro, heavy duty, by blanketsafe

This tool works best to get lint, fuzz, and heavy hard to remove build up out of the hook side.


Heavy duty hook cleaner for hair and fuzz, works best on velcro. Heavy duty by blanket safe

This tool works best to get hair and light fuzz out of the hook side of your velcro.


Directions: Use even strokes in the direction of your hook. It should work through easy, and not get caught up or pull and ruin hook.

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