Fly Sheet Wash and Fly Sheet Fly Spray Set


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Blanket Safe Fly Sheet Wash and Fly Sheet Fly Spray Set

Looking for something awesome, safe, and effective against bugs?! You found it!

Blanket Safes Fly Sheet Wash has added natural cleaning boosters made from soy! Help get those pesky stains our of that difficult to clean fabric! We never add harmful chemicals to our products. We avoid oxy-cleaning products, bleaches, and artificial brighteners, while still trying to maintain a high quality product that is safe, and has a lesser risk of irritating your horse!

Fly sheet wash and fly spray by blanket safe

Our Fly Sheet Fly Sprays work by spraying directly onto your FLY SHEET. The essential oils will absorb into the fibers and allow the scent to last longer. Spraying onto your horse is fine too…however you may find that because the natural organisms of the horse break down the product, that the scent may not last as long. This goes with regular fly sprays too…however do you really want to spray harmful chemicals onto your horse, around it’s feed, and water sources…or even worse around your family? Here is a safe alternative.

This Product is Sold as a SET. You will Receive (2) 32 oz bottles and a spray nozzle!



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