Echo Dot Gen 3


Echo Dot

Girl, Yes I know what you are thinking! But hear me out! The Echo Dot Gen 3 keeps you company!

Echo Dog Gen 3, blanket safe loves...Alexa is a big friend of Blanket Safe

From podcasts, books, music, joke telling…Alexa and this Little Echo Dot Gen 3 will Keep you company! You will and you probably already do spend a LOT of time sewing, washing or bagging up horse wear! It isn’t easy to watch TV and sew, but what if you could just ask Alexa to play you a podcast to listen to, or play your favorite song, and keep you company as the lull of the machines relax your mind…amazingly simple…and you never have to get up from what you are doing!! Let me tell ya’ll, Alexa keeps me company during some late nights!

So Yes, to keep me sane, I do recommend this little dot….I find that the speakers do sound a lot better, either way, FIND Info HERE! This is just one of those items you do not know you need…until you have it! I Promise!

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