Clear Plastic Bags


Clear Plastic Bags for Bagging

We love the fact that our clients can see their blankets, that they know what is in them. Plus, they can tear into the clear plastic bags and toss them, to start fresh every year.

Clear Plastic Bags for Bagging Horse Blankets, by Blanket Safe

Also, Blanket Laundries always ask what kind of bags I use for returning blankets,  there are 2. First way, a quick, easy, and cost effective way, which are these clear bags. They are heavy-duty can liners, that are easy to buy from Amazon with 2 day shipping. Why I love: They are cost effective, clear, heavy duty enough for sending blankets back to their owners in.

Check what Amazon has for Prime Shipping

OR, my 2nd way is Large Poly Bags For Heat Sealers Can Be Found in Assorted Sizes Here


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