Blanket Safe Mystery Box #2


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Need a Little Mystery in Your Life?

Blanket Safe Mystery Box is here to add a little surprise and mystery to your life, providing everything you need in one product box.

SO what will the Blanket Safe mystery box include, without being too specific?

  • 2 Full Size 32oz products
  • Assortment of Other Products of other sizes
  • Several Surprise Items

Each box will be different! Value will be at least $100

**Orders for this first box will ship Early July**

We are so happy you are checking out our Mystery Boxes, and for whatever reason we just do not feel that the name Mystery Box does this justice. These boxes are an easy excuse to get a steal for your Blanket Safe product. You do not get to pick what goes into your box, but you can rest-assured that these products are fresh, perfect, in no way “expired”, “dated”, or seconds. But what else does this box serve?

Each box will go towards a cause, and have an underlying theme. The items in your box are items that we have paid for! They are NOT given to us, they are not donated, we are not affiliated with any of these products, brands, or companies…and yes they are aware why we are purchasing their products. These products are given to you by us! We can only offer a limited amount because frankly we are GIVING AWAY so much. We hope that you reach out to these brands, we hope that you tell your friends, we hope that keep supporting these amazing brands.

Box 1: Was to support businesses hurt hard by Covid-19. All of the brands that created these products have been hurt from the lack of customized products needed due to no Graduations, Parties, Weddings, Baby Showers, Trade shows, Sporting Events…you get the idea. So we purchased all of these items to support them, and gave them all to you.

Box 2: IS STILL A SECRET. However, we are providing you with brands that make you feel good! From snacks, to drinks, to food items, to skin care, lip balms…..SO MUCH. We have reached out to so many! And we are so excited to share them with you!

After getting dozens of messages of people that missed out on box #1, we are doing a box #2. But we are again limiting them! So please jump on it quickly, limited supplies! Again, this is a steal! So if you are looking for amazing products at a steal, DO NOT WAIT!

****Due to limits of swag, and the outrageous discounts we are offering on all of our AMAZING products….there are only a handful available!

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Make sure to connect with us on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook for all the latest news!

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 cm


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