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Women in Equestrian Business – Carly Prosser

RugSafe USA, llc dba Blanket Safe features Carly Prosser of Cavali Club Box
Women in Equestrian Business Series Features Carly Prosser of Cavali Club

We are so excited to start out our series of “Women in Equestrian Business”, and we are leading off this series with a BANG! Most of you may not know Carly Prosser, but I hope you all know Cavali Club….and my goal is that you all feel like Carly’s besties by the end of this post.

We were fortunate enough to insta-meet Carly in Spring 2019, and this amazing lady blew us away. We are lucky to have her as a fellow equestrian colleague with her fun, outgoing, vivacious personality. But Carly Prosser is way more than just Cavali Club, and we are so excited that she has allowed us to snoop inside her life; and her likes, dislikes, and hidden secrets about herself and her business!

A Little About The Cavali Club

Carly Prosser hails from Atlanta Georgia, where her business is also based. She started Cavali Club after purchasing her first horse Rudy. Being completely underwhelmed by the brands available at the large equestrian retailers, she felt that a subscription box which incorporated many of the innovative brands she had been finding on Instagram would be amazing! However, she couldn’t find such a thing….so she started it herself! Carly helps brands to emerge in the equestrian community, and allows every day equestrians to discover brands they may not have known about. Cavali Club continues to successfully meet their business mission by “Introducing equestrians everywhere to their new favorite products, while lifting up our fellow equestrian businesses in the process”.

Cavali Club’s logo and brand are polished, yet relate-able. The name came about because of the Italian word for Horses and the idea of creating a community around the box itself. However, Carly faced one problem. There is a popular night club in Dubai named “Cavalli Club”, but typical Carly, she didn’t let that stand in the way. She figured dropping that extra “L” would make her unique and cool! Plus, for those that just can’t spell the awesome club’s name anyway…she get’s tagged in their posts! In 5 years she hopes to grow and increase diversity of the memberships within N. America. She would like to add customization’s to the subscription experience based on the discovery platform, and make it perfect for every equestrian, regardless of discipline or location. Eventually, Carly hopes to start testing the idea in the European market.

The business of Cavali Club has not always been so easy. Because the subscription has so many facets, it can be very logistically challenging. Because of juggling and balancing timelines, education, technology, and so many more problems, it hasn’t been an easy road. However, what was easy for Carly, was connecting with fellow equestrian businesses, and conveying the excitement of the concept of the box itself. She quickly realized that the excitement about her product was contagious.

A Little about Carly Prosser

Carly began in the equestrian world, as an equestrian herself. For as long as she can remember, she loved horses….and it may have all began during her first riding experience at a dude ranch in Montana when she was three. She never owned horses growing up, but as far as she can remember…has always loved horses! It wasn’t until Carly was in her 20’s that she could finally purchase her first of two amazing horses, Rudy. He is a 16 year old tb/Oldenburg cross, dressage horse. Then there is 3 year old Monty, the next dressage prospect. Carly however may have always loved horses, but didn’t start out in an equestrian business. She actually started her career at a digital marketing startup. In fact, she credit’s that job to making her savvy and scrappy when it comes to advertising, which has really been an instrumental skill in growing Cavali Club.

So let’s get a little personal with Carly!

What is something Not Everyone Knows about You? I’m a history nerd…I’m also obsessed with Ken Burns documentaries.

What would you tell your younger self? Relax. You’ll end up exactly where you want to be.

Do you have a mantra you live by? “If you don’t risk something, then you’ll never gain anything”

What is the last show you binge watched? “Ken Burns’ Country Music docu-series. …Did I mention I’m a nerd for his documentaries?”

What is the last book you read? Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

What is your favorite word? “YES!”

What profession other than your own would you attempt for a week? “I’d Like to shadow a commercial airline pilot, because I have so many questions! I don’t actually want to fly the plane, I just want to hang out in the cockpit and ask questions”

What is a food you could NOT live without? Sushi…or Japanese cuisine in general!

How do you like your Coffee? Two packets of stevia and vanilla soy milk.

What is something you want people to remember about you and your brand? Cavali Club is the go-to platform for how equestrians everywhere research and discover products for horse and rider.

In Conclusion with Carly Prosser of Cavali Club

We hope you have realized that Cavali Club is more than just an amazing box offering new, up and coming brands, and helping equestrians everywhere discover brands they have never laid their hands on! Cavali Club was discovered because of one brave woman’s tenacious equestrian journey. It wasn’t all easy, but it surely was all worth it. We hope that you can relate to this amazing woman behind the scenes, and that you got to experience a brief look inside her life.

We hope you join us next time for another inside look at another equestrian business woman’s dream and business adventure! Until then, find more blogs like this HERE

Follow Carly at Cavali Club on Instagram , Find Cavali Club Online

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Get Your Horse Blankets Cleaner

How to get Horse Blankets Cleaner with Blanket Safe Horse Blanket Washes and Soaps. Blanket Safe Horse Blanket Services, Blanket Safe Horse Blanket hardware

Over the course of a week, I get many messages asking “How can I get my horse blankets cleaner?” or “How can I get better results?” So let’s discuss ways you can get your horse blankets cleaner! First, have you checked out this post on how we suggest caring for your horse blankets and pet wear? If not, check it out HERE but make sure you come back to finish this one too! If you have read that, and you’re still scratching your head…keep reading.

Best Ways to get your Pet Wear Cleaner

Wash your pet wear as soon after your pet wear is soiled or removed for the season. Leaving urine, mud, and grime set into fabrics only makes it harder to remove residues once dry. Also, leaving urine and mud on a horse blanket will only degrade the fabric AND the factory applied waterproofing. If weather is still not steady, try hosing off dirt, manure, grime. Then wash when weather is steady enough to fully wash, waterproof and put away for the season.

Use a washing machine that is large enough and strong enough. If your machine isn’t large enough or strong enough for your horse wear to move, and scrub , you’re not going to get it super clean. There needs to be enough space in the machine for your horse wear or pet wear to move around and allow water and soap to get into all the folds, as well as to allow all the water and soap to escape. A good hint that the machine may be too small, or over crowded is if you notice marbling or streaks of dirt that remain after washing. Try washing off your horse wear with a hose and a gentle scrub brush before washing in a household machine.

If you notice stains before washing, or have spots that did not come clean. Rewashing is typically not needed if your machine is strong and large enough. But even if your horse wear is getting washed as soon as possible…sometimes stains or tough spots are inevitable. If you have known stains, make sure you pre-treat the spot with a little soap, scrub it in and let it sit for a few minutes. If, when you remove an item you find that you have marks, try applying soap to the area while wet, scrub, and wash before it dries. It is important to know that we do not consider Blanket Safe a stain fighter. Many of the harsh chemicals in normal detergents or stain fighters have been removed from our products to allow them to be safe for the waterproofing, and animal. Try pre-treating or re-treating, gentle scrubbing and washing/rewash.

Dirt remaining in webbing nooks and stitching. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t a big deal. However to get these areas cleaner or whiter on some of the webbing there are somethings that can be done. Usually, a gentle power washing of the binding, webbing, or straps will work to remove any ground in dirt, grime and manure. **Please note, this is not a suggestion to power wash the entire blanket. Doing so may ruin fabric and waterproofing.

Make sure you’re using Blanket Safe. Blanket Safe is unlike many other horse blanket washes. Designed specifically for horse wear and pet wear, Blanket Safe is a safe and effective alternative to laundry detergents or chemicals. It is a unique wash that safely cleans without harsh chemicals. Blankets and animals need specialty care, as to not irritate skin, ruin fabric, eliminate waterproofing. But washes must still effectively remove odors, dirt, and grime. Blanket Safe works best on the modern day fabrics used for pet wear, odors and waterproofing, without having to use more soap than expected, and without causing damage. Plus, sensitive skinned animals are safe with Blanket Safe! Try using Blanket Safe in cold water for best results, and using while dirt, and grime are fresh. Looking for more information on Why Blanket Safe is important? Check here

Summary of How to Get Horse Blanket Cleaner

Make sure you are washing your horse wear as soon as it becomes soiled, or ready to put away for the season. Use a washing machine that is large enough and strong enough will help get your investments cleaner…the first wash. Pre-treat/re-treat, scrub, and wash/rewash any set in stains. Don’t forget, Blanket Safe is not considered a stain fighter. Blanket Safe does not use harsh chemicals that are often known for stain removing. A gentle power washing to webbing, binding, and straps may help to get out all the ground in dirt, and grime. By using Blanket Safe, you will protect your expensive investments, clean them effectively and safely, and make sure that your beloved friend’s skin is not at risk for getting irritated. Have more questions? Message me!

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Why Blanket Safe?

Why use Blanket Safe Soaps, Horses of Blanket Safe Products

We love getting questions and giving answers. One of the most popular questions we receive is “Why Blanket Safe?” So today, lets talk about the WHY, not the what, where, when, or how. Let’s dive into the grossness that horse blankets are, and learn the WHY behind Blanket Safe products, and the why not behind other products. After all many products are not for horse blankets. Just because word “Horse” is slapped on a product with a 30% price increase, it doesn’t make that product safe or effective for horse wear…but it happens.

Each one of Blanket Safe’s unique properties are specifically included, for a purpose. If you want more information on our product’s washing characteristics, check it out here! However, today we are talking about Blanket Safe products as a whole and why they are so different, so lets begin.

Why Blanket Safe? Why Not?

So imagine this for a second, that pair of underwear you are wearing right now…yes, that exact pair…you need to wear them for 6months straight. No, they will not be washed, you must wear them 24/7 for the next 6 months. After that 6 months is up, you can wash them….but only in your choice of toothpaste or hand soap. Yes, that is correct, NO Laundry detergents! Then you can put them away for a few months, but then, once again…you must put them back on for another 6 months straight. What do you think of that? What did you say? “Gross?” Why is that gross? It is the same thing you are doing to your horse blanket if you wash in laundry detergent or any products not specifically designed for a horse blanket! Mind blowing right?

In many cases horse blankets are worn 24/7, unless removed for a quick ride, before being thrown right back on. And, this is done for anywhere from 4-7 months a year, possibly more depending on your location. They live in them, they sweat in them, they roll in them, they go out in all weather conditions, and yes they get urine and manure on them too! The bacteria growth is disgusting, and is often the cause of that stench your blanket gives off. Are you still asking “Why Blanket Safe?” Ok, let me ask you then, would you wash your hands in car soap? Would you wash your dishes with tooth paste? Or use Mouth Wash for your Laundry? Would you wash your car with hand soap? And why not? Because those washes were not designed to clean that type of item. This is the same for horse blankets.

Why Not Laundry Detergents?

Laundry detergents don’t do the job needed for a horse blanket. A laundry detergent can ruin the integrity of your horse blanket, the fabric and the waterproofing. Plus…it won’t clean out the build up of grossness and bacteria, and it will make applying an appropriate water-repellent nearly impossible. There have been “horse blanket washes” on the market for 40 years, however, do you realized the amount of changes horse blankets have gone through in those years? From canvas, to modern day blends and nylons. Plus, take a look what those washes were created for. When was the last time your canvas tent rolled in manure, or was lived in by a horse? So, when people come to me and ask why other products don’t work…it’s because they are not designed to work with horse blankets. Hence putting “Horse” on a product, and charging you more.

Why is Blanket Safe Different?

Blanket Safe is designed to be effective on modern day horse blanket fabrics, to clear out bacteria, and designed to wash common “substances” found on a horse blanket. It is created to be safe for not only the blanket, the waterproofing, and breathability, but also for the horse’s skin. Blanket Safe washes are residue free, and do not use harmful chemicals. Also, our scents are light as to not reodorize, but to remove odors from the source. Blanket Safe Soaps are not stain removers, they do not beach whites or use any oxy-power, and they do not brighten colors. Blanket Safe boosts color and shine by conditioning the fibers that get frayed, worn and dull looking, during rolling and rubbing. Once your item is washed in one of our Blanket Safe products and dried, your item will be safe for kids, dogs, cats, and horses to roll on.

Still not Convinced?

Ask those individuals that use our products. Some of those individuals are the same ones that realized the consequences of washing in an inappropriate detergent or soap. There’s the horse that had an allergic skin reaction to the products they washed their leg wraps in. Or the owner that removed her horses saddle pad, and also removed the horses hair right off of his back. Let’s not forget the fly sheet that created bleach marks on areas where the fly sheet touched the horse’s body. Don’t forget that wonderful client looking for a wash that wouldn’t cause her elderly dog to scratch his fur out during horse shows when she would put horse blankets out for him to lay on. The problem was, she couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t cause him to itch like crazy. Those are only some of the problems we have heard.

Let’s Sum this Up

Why Blanket Safe? Nothing compares to pulling out a fresh smelling, clean horse blanket or pet item from the washing machine. Especially one that you know the dirt, sweat and grime are removed, but also the bacteria buildup that causes odors. All this done without harmful chemicals that can ruin fabric, waterproofing, and also irritate your horse or your pet’s skin. A product that is specifically created for this purpose. So my question to you, Are you using Blanket Safe yet?

If no, WHY NOT? If you are ready to get started subscribe for deals, and get a discount on your first purchase!

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Horse Blanket Care Myths

Horse Blanket Care Myths

We keep a close eye on horse forums so we can learn how we can educate people to take better care of their horse gear. It is never the intent to jump on the forums and tell someone they are wrong, but we do want to clear and air and explain some myths about horse blanket care that we often see.

Popular Horse Blanket Care Myths:

Don’t wash your horse blanket in any products, only wash in water but you must use hot water to kill bacteria. In our opinion, the water in your washing machine will not get hot enough to kill all the bacteria in your horse blanket. What it does kill is your waterproofing. You should avoid washing your horse gear in hot water at all costs.

Don’t wash your horse blanket. It is better off if you leave it as it is throughout the years.”

This statement likely came from someone who accidentally destroyed their horse blanket in the washing machine. The urine, manure, grime, and dirt that build up on a horse blanket will also deteriorate blanket fabric very quickly. It is essential to wash your horse blanket, but you must do it properly to avoid damage. How To Wash and Care for your Horse Blanket

“Use canvas or tent cleaner on your horse blanket

Often times these are way too heavy for modern day fabrics, and will leave a residue behind that can irritate your horse’s skin. They also don’t get rid of odors because these cleaners don’t kill bacteria, which is the source of the stink on your horse blanket. When these washes were popular, so were canvas blankets, however in 2019 canvas blankets are not as common as they once were. Think about it, when was the last time a tent or awning was worn on an animal for 4-6 months out of the year, urinated on, rolled in, sweated in? They are not made for washing these kind of things, so they really do not work as well as they should.

Use warm or hot water for the soap to work

Some blanket washes and laundry detergents instruct you to use warm or hot water with your blanket. If your blanket label tells you to wash with cold water, you should follow those instructions. Hot water will destroy the blanket’s natural waterproofing, reduce the longevity of your blanket, and deteriorate the fabric.

Use a deodorizer on a stinky blanket if the smell does not come out in the wash

I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of removing an odor instead of covering it up. Using a deodorizer creates a two-step process. Now you must clean your blanket and then deodorize it. This adds in the problem of further breaking down your blanket by adding more chemicals to the fabric. If your horse blanket wash is working correctly, this step is not necessary. Those odors are caused by a build up of grime, mold, mildew, fungus and/or bacteria. If you are removing these with an antibacterial wash, you will eliminate the odors, not cover them up. No one wants a horse blanket that has bacteria festering in it…and I certainly would not wear an anything with growing bacteria. And I certainly wouldn’t want to put that on my horse for months at a time!

“Save money by waterproofing your stable blanket”

Stable blankets are not meant to be waterproof. Adding wax or silicone to make them waterproof does not work and can ruin the breathability of your stable blanket. If you want a waterproof horse blanket, make sure you invest in a proper turn out sheet. Quality does matter!

Use a commercial wax or silicone to waterproof your horse blanket

Putting wax or silicone products on your horse blanket will create a waterproof film over the top of your fabric, and will prevent breathability. Horse blankets are not plastic. They need to be breathable to prevent irritations, bacteria buildup and keep your horse is healthy. If your horse is having troubles regulating its temperature, it can rapidly lose weight from the effort. Also, most of the products on the market require heat to melt or cure them onto the blanket. That heat, once again will destroy the factory applied waterproofing. When the added coating gets rubbed off and starts to degrade during natural wear, you will be left with nothing.

As soon as you get a new horse blanket, it is important to provide quality maintenance to preserve it’s longevity. Proper horse blanket care increases the durability of the horse blanket and increases its effectiveness. The type and quality of the fabric of your horse blanket, the tightness of the stitching, age, and how long caked on mud has sat on the blanket are all aspects that determine how long your blanket will remain waterproof. In fact, the several blanket manufacturers we work closely with, recommend that after the blanket’s second season of use, you should be waterproofing every year to maintain it’s effectiveness.

The products we use in our waterproofing wash-in’s and sprays are a diluted version of the factory applied waterproofer. They coat the fibers but leaves the weave open for breathability. The retailers and blanket manufactures we work with, and those that want to sell our products required this. We are pleased to offer it to you as well.

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How to Wash Your Horse Blanket and Horse Gear

Wash Your Horse Blanket, How to wash your heavy weight horse blanket

We are often asked about different ways to use Blanket Safe for washing horse blankets, and how to get the best results. Can Blanket Safe wash light, medium or even heavy weight blankets in muck tubs, water troughs, or personal washing machines? Absolutely! You can use Blanket Safe with any washing method you wish. When using a smaller laundry machine or muck tub, make sure to get off any excess mud and debris before washing. This will make sure that you get a better result and preserve the machine. Keep reading to learn how to wash even your heavy weight horse blanket and horse gear, safely!

If you are going to a laundromat, it is especially important to take the time to do some pre-care. This is in the hope that you do not give equestrians all over the world a bad name. Take the time to use a hose, brush, broom, or even a power washer to remove any excess hair and mud before washing a horse blanket in a machine; especially one that is used for human clothing and bedding.

Follow these steps to wash your horse blanket and other gear:

  1. Knock, brush, or hose off excess hair, mud, and grime
  2. Attach all of the leg straps, tail straps, and metal clasps to themselves. Anywhere there is a snap, make sure to attach it. In addition, attach all tail straps back to their own D-ring so that they all start and finish in the same area. This helps avoid tangles, stretching, and breaking.
  3. Fold the blanket so the dirty part is on the inside. This allows the fabric to scrub against itself and gives you the best possible clean.
  4. Make sure your washing machine is big enough. Don’t use a machine with a center agitator. A horse blanket tangled around the agitator, may strain the motor and could destroy the machine. If the washing machine is too small, the water and dirt will not be able to escape, and the blanket will come out streaked with dirt. *A heavy weight will need more room than a light weight, or even a medium weight.
  5. Turn on the cold water setting. Cold water is essential. Hot water destroys factory applied waterproofing, causes shrinking, and destroys the fabric.
  6. Always follow the care labels on the blanket. Most say to run a gentle wash cycle. From my experience, I can tell you a gentle wash cycle may not get your horse blanket clean. You probably don’t need a heavy wash cycle; the normal wash works best for me. 
  7. Hang the blanket to dry. So whether you decide to hang your blanket on a blanket rack of your choosing or the fence, you will be providing care according to the care labels. Make sure to never let your horse blankets bake in the heat for too long. This may also cause damage, and as a reminder, never use heat to dry your blanket.

A Few Bonus Tips:

  1. If you are washing wool gear never let it spin out in the washing machine. Make sure to stop the machine before that spin cycle to prevent devistating consequences to the natural fibers. If you don’t the wool will come out mated. Let wool dry naturally on a flat surface. You may notice that the wool naturally clumps up, have no fear. Once the wool is completely dry, a good brushing with a slicker brush will help restore the fluffiness to your product.
  2. We have a wash in waterproofer that can be added in during the final rinse cycle of your horse blanket wash. When you use this, you have to skip the spin cycle; otherwise, the waterproofer will be spun out of the blanket before it gets a chance to set. After the wash, you want as much water left on as possible so the waterproofing can dry into the fabric, therefore leaving behind a light water-repellent treatment once cured.
  3. Our other option for waterproofing is a spray. Ultimately, when the damp blanket finishes washing, and hung to dry, spray the water-repellent on liberally. Always use on damp fabric, and depending on what the blanket fabric type, and how tightly the stitch, it usually needs 24-72 hours to set into the blanket and cure.

When your blankets or other gear are clean and dry, it is essential to promptly store it properly. I like to hang my blankets up high year-round.  Horse blankets are very expensive. You don’t want mice to ruin your valuable gear, and they can easily find their way into plastic bags, totes, or canvas zipper bags. The best way to protect against mice if you can’t leave your blanket’s hanging is to use a tote or tack trunk and get it up high on a shelf.

Spring is coming, and you are probably getting ready to retire your horse blankets for the season. Make sure you wash your horse blankets immediately after they are done for the season, and not when getting ready to use them again next winter. The quicker you wash your horse blankets and remove all that mud and grime the longer they are going to last, and ultimately provide your horse a better service for years to come!

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The Importance of Proper Horse Blanket Care

Importance of Horse Blanket Care

Have you ever read the care instructions label on your horse blanket or other gear? Blanket Safe is a detergent free, anti-bacterial horse blanket soap designed to clean and condition modern-day horse blankets in a cold-water wash. We created Blanket Safe to comply with horse blanket care labels after being unable to find something that worked for our standards of horse blanket care.

Most horse blankets and other horse wear instruct you to wash in cold water with a detergent free, mild soap, that does not contain bleach. Blanket Safe works with those labels, making it easy for equestrians, horse fanatics, and equine professionals to quickly and adequately clean their gear with minimal damage.

Follow Your Care Label

When you wash your equine gear, make sure you use cold water. Hot water can melt off factory applied waterproofing. Therefore, can also cause shrinking and ruin the fibers in the fabric. Did you know that most cleaning products need hot or warm water to work effectively? So, if you are washing your gear in cold water while using detergents or products that only work in hot water you might end up cleaning your blankets more than once.

The purpose of Blanket Safe is to minimize the damage caused during the wash. We do everything we can to help you keep your horse blanket working effectively for many years. Blanket Safe works in cold water, so you only have to wash your blanket once instead of running it through two or three times to get it clean. The less time your blanket spends in the washing machine, the longer it will last. 

All of Blanket Safe washes are detergent free.  Most horse gear care labels instruct against the use of detergents. Detergents degrade fabrics and ruin waterproofing. They also add chemicals to the material that make re-waterproofing difficult.

Just like human skin, some horse’s skin is very delicate. An allergic reaction from detergents and other chemicals can cause hives, irritation, and loss of hair. Detergents are in almost every product making it difficult for horse enthusiasts to find a product that actually works and abides by the care labels on their gear.

We have done all the hard work for our customers to make sure that our products do follow care labels. I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials on TV that ask about clothing that is half washed and stretched and of shape, hence one of the consequences of detergents. In contrast, our products help condition your products rather than stretching them and tearing them apart.

Anti-Bacterial Wash

In addition, all of our products are also anti-bacterial. These antibacterial soaps are essential for horse blanket laundries as well as barns with a communal machine. It helps prevent cross-contamination when washing so your horse blanket doesn’t end up with another horse’s bacteria on it. That might not seem like a big problem until you start talking about bacterial diseases such as strangles.

Our products not only wash horse blankets, but they also do a fantastic job at clearing out the washing machines themselves and getting them ready for the next item. We occasionally get contacted by laundries who have provided washing services for barns that have tested positive for strangles. They are naturally very concerned about cross contamination to other barns and think they need to bleach out their washing machines and take a ton of extra precautions. If they use Blanket Safe, we get to tell them they don’t have to worry because the antibacterial enzymes in the soap already took care of it.

Antibacterial properties help remove odors from the blanket. Typical dirt (not manure or urine, just dirt) sand or clay does not have a nasty odor. What you smell on a stinky horse blanket or other gear is bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, and grime. Because Blanket Safe is antibacterial, it eliminates odors from where they start.

 As we near spring and you get ready to put your horse blankets up for the winter, buy yourself a bottle of Blanket Safe horse wash so you can be confident your blankets are put away clean and bacteria free.

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Winter Horse Blanket Cleaning

Horse Blanket Cleaning

The most important thing you can do while caring for your horse blanket in the winter is keeping it clean as possible. We understand that horse blanket cleaning, especially during this winter’s constant rain and mud, this is a challenge. However, that endless amount of mud mixed with urine, manure, and grime, can degrade the nylon webbing, thread, fabric, and most importantly, the waterproofing of your blanket. The constant presence of moisture will also increase fungal and bacterial growth within the blanket and cause noxious orders. Read on for some great tips on winter horse blanket cleaning.

We highly recommend that you have a spare blanket to use while washing and caring for your main blanket. Just performing basic care between washes, by spraying with a hose or using a broom to remove caked on mud and grime. This will allow your blanket to all around perform better during the winter season.

Winter Horse Blanket Cleaning Tips

Keep your blanket’s as “clean” as possible in the winter. Make sure to use a large enough washer as to not to over fill, this will help to wash clean the entire surface of the blanket. Some laundromats allow blanket washing, but you can also wash your blanket in a clean muck bucket or tub if need be. In such cases, use a broom handle or similar device to slosh and agitate the blanket in the water. Make sure to remove or secure straps and Velcro before washing. This stops them from damaging the blanket during the wash. Always read your blanket care label if you are using a washing machine. 99.9% suggest washing in cold water with a mild soap to avoid damaging the waterproofing or shrinking the fabric.

One of the biggest complaints we receive is that waterproofing stops working after a few months. The dirt, urine, and manure that is caked onto your blanket holds moisture against the fabric for a prolonged period, and will allow water to penetrate the blanket quicker. “Waterproofing” fabric is near impossible, so we must do what we can to keep it as water-resistant as possible, for as long as possible, especially during the wet and cold season.

 Once fabric becomes wet and over saturated, water may in fact get in . We can only do so much to keep your horse’s blanket as dry as possible without the uses of waxes, silicone, and harmful chemicals that can irritate your horse’s skin and reduce the breathability of the blanket. Keeping excess moisture off of your blanket will definitely help.

Also, keep in mind, your horse rolls on the ground and rubs against fence posts, dirt will grind into the fabric, causing fibers to fray, and ultimately degrade the condition of your blanket. Washing with Blanket Safe products and spraying on Blanket Safe waterproofing will drastically in help keep your blanket fibers clean and conditioned, reduce bacteria and fungal growth that causes odors, and help to resist moisture for a longer period of time.

Make Sure it Dries

After cleaning your horse blanket make sure you hang it to dry (in a barn or your bathroom will work fine). Also, following excessively rainy days make sure you give your blanket a chance to thoroughly dry. If it does not dry, the moisture that sits on the fabric will slowly degrade the fabric, waterproofing, and quality of the material. The biggest telltale sign that your blanket is saturated from rain, is that your horse is wet in areas such as the haunches where rain should not be touching. Having a spare blanket is crucial because you can use it while you allow the wet blanket to dry, and re-treat waterproofing in areas that may need it. **Often areas that are rubbed often, will need increase waterproofing treatments, such as the shoulder and haunches areas of the blanket

When you get the occasional nice day, make sure to take the blanket off. It not only gives your horse’s skin an opportunity to breathe, but it also allows the blanket to thoroughly dry and air out. Don’t wad it up in a bunch and throw it into the wash stall. Hang it up. If you don’t have high up blanket hangers, installing old horseshoes or rubber coated hooks high up in the rafters works great.

As always, never be negligent with your blanket. It is crucial that you check your horse blankets daily. They are strapped onto moving animals that love to play and roll. So make sure to check your horse’s skins for any rubbing or irritation. Don’t forget to check leg and tail straps as well as the condition of the blanket.

If straps are too tight, they can rub and cut into the skin of your horse. If they are too loose, your horse can get tangled in them, and a dangerous situation can arise. Any small tears will get bigger if not taken care quickly. Checking your blanket daily and taking care of minor problems before they become big ones keeps your blanket in tip-top shape and allows you to use it for years.