Blanket Safe Team

The Blanket Safe team is centered around equestrians throughout the US. We pride ourselves in being active in, and supporting the equestrian community. Just like our uniquely gentle washes we all use and love, each individual is totally unique and valuable to our Blanket Safe Team.

Meet The Creatives Behind the Scene of Blanket Safe

The owner and founder of Blanket Safe, Laura Rayne. Has been a powerful inspiration to women and equestrians.

Laura is the Chief Visionary Officer of Blanket Safe. She is a wife to an amazing Veterinarian, a Mommy to two beautiful daughters, and a self proclaimed horse addict. She actively competes her amazing steeds in dressage. Laura runs a professional horse blanket service, and went onto creating Blanket Safe when she realized a lack of safe, quality horse wear washes on the market. With the help of her Veterinarian husband, they designed a wash that was not only safe for horse wear fabrics, but also gentle enough for the delicate skin and senses of horses and animals.

Keniesha is the Creative Content Marketing Director for Blanket Safe. She embraces being original, and always provides positive energy to those around her. Growing up with a dog, she over came her fear of most animals and is now a proud dog mom. Horses on the other hand, was still something Keniesha feared until becoming a part of the Blanket Safe team. With the Blanket Safe team, she has overcome her fear of horses, loves to learn about them, and likes to help educate others about caring for their horses too!

Maddie Blanket Safe Communications Specialist

Maddie is the Brand Communications Specialist for Blanket Safe. She loves all things to do with animals and has been around horses all her life. Maddie has traveled throughout the U.S competing in rodeos. Teaching and helping others is her greatest passion, and she strives to help you in anyway possible with your Blanket Safe Products.

Megan is the Quality Control Officer at Blanket Safe. She is a teacher by trade, and a newly-wed. She is a hard worker, with an exquisite eye for detail. In her spare time she loves riding her Chincoteague pony, Breezy and competing at shows all around USEA Area II.

Meet the Ambassadors

I’m a horse enthusiast living out a childhood dream of having a small horse farm. I am a new mom and juggling being a good mom, good farm manager, and a “serious” adult amateur. My current project is attempting to train my 5 year old OTTB with constant help of my trainer. @bays4dayscrochet

My name is Annie, and I live in Kentucky. I have been an equestrian for 16 years! My OTTB, Ransom and I are training to become eventers! @arg.eq

My name is Laura, and my mare’s name is Smurf. We Ride for my high school equestrian team and at local shows. We love Blanket Safe because it is the only blanket wash that REALLY works. @racingonfaith

Hi, my name is Elise. I am a young event rider located in area 3. I have competed through Training Level and own two horses, Twister and Lyla! I am so excited to be a Blanket Safe Ambassador! @elmeventing

Hi! I’m Abbey, I am 15 years old and other than riding horses, I enjoy writing. I am currently leasing Maizy, a 12 year old Mustang! @abbeyy.lynn

My name is Lexi! I’m currently a first year student at UC Davis majoring in Animal Science with an emphasis in Equine. I have been riding since I was 5 years old, and am currently on the UCD 3 Day Event Team! I have two horses, one named Pandy, an 18 year old Arabian/Pinto, and Dawn, a 15 year old Quarter Horse Palomino. @_dawneventing_

My name is Audrey and I do hunter/jumper with my 12 year old grey OTTB gelding named Flint! I’ve had Flint for 3 years now, and together we’ve worked up to where we are now! I’m so proud of our progress from walking ground poles to slicing and dicing a 2’9″ course! Flint truly is my heart horse! @flint_the_thoroughbred

My name is Mysha, I am 24 years old and I’m from Oklahoma. I ride western doing barrel racing, pole bending, and I love to hit the trails, with my grade bay tobiano paint Whiskey. I have 2 other horses, my husband’s trail horse, Spartan. He’s a sooty palomino Tennessee Walker quarter horse. Then,”Cheyennes Diamond Leo” is my 10 month old all white registered paint, which I will be doing halter and showmanship with. @my.shot.of.whiskey

I am a mom to 3 boys, a small business owner, and an equestrian. After 5 years I’m finally getting ready to get back in the show ring, all while juggling motherhood and everything that comes with it! @the_equestrian_mama

I’m Savannah from Northern Illinois and grew up showing H/J. I graduated from William Woods University with a business degree, and I’m now a professional rider with Phoenix Equestrian Center out of Omaha, Nebraska. I love getting to work with so many young horses everyday! @Sav.Chap

My name is Rhiannon and I am a lifelong horse lover. I have an Appendix Quarter Horse gelding named Dexter, and a pony named Sassy. I am a new mom, a wife and a dog lover too. Myself, my family and my animals, all call Kansas home. @rhiannonf77

Thank you to All of Our Ambassadors and Supporters