Blanket Safe Wholesale Information

Are you a Retailer or a Pet Laundry?

Are you Looking for Blanket Safe’s Horse Blanket Soaps and Washes at a Wholesale Price?

If you answered “YES!” to one or both of those questions, we are happy you are here! Blanket Safe’s detergent free laundry soap and water-repellents are available at wholesale prices for Retailers and Pet Laundries. We do our best to make sure your investment is profitable and protected.

Blanket Safe Soap Shipping

Please Download and email me your Blanket Safe Wholesale application, once received, you will be emailed a Wholesale Information Packet which will review our wholesale prices, product, and information on private labeling.

Please email me the Wholesale Application PRIOR to emailing any Purchase Orders!


If you have any Questions about Wholesaling with Blanket Safe, Please Contact me using the Form Below.